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The Liberty Squad

60 minutes; 1000 square feet; 4-10 people; multi-room style; Difficulty level: Entry level 

In this escape room, you and your group are members of an elite military unit. You will be able to experience the thrill of escaping an underground bunker. You have been dropped behind enemy lines to complete your top secret mission. The fate of the entire nation is in your hands. If you are to succeed, you will need valour, intellect and teamwork.

Experience realistic military scenes, sounds, devices and special effects in this one of a kind escape room. There will be twists and turns that you will face during your mission and you will discover bravery and hidden talents amongst your team members.

Will you rise to the challenge and save the free world as you know it?


60 minutes; 1000 square feet; 4-10 people; multi-room style; Difficulty level: Hardcore

You and your friends awake in an hotel room from the past with curious objects all around. What happens next? You decide…

You and your teammates will require an inventive mind, and the willingness to experiment.

Welcome to the hotel suite of your dreams.